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tv   CBS 2 News at 11  CBS  August 6, 2015 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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the iran deal revealed. campaign 2016 heats up as the republican candidates face off tonight. >> the top-ten candidates just finished their first debate moments ago. at the center podium, the candidate topping the polls, donald trump. he started the show off with a bang and some disapproval from the crowd. >> reporter: the big question going into the first debate was which donald trump would show up. the answer came out of the box, and it drew boos. [ audience booing ] >> reporter: of the top-10 candidates who made the cut for the prime time debate on the fox news channel, trump and only trump refused to pledge not to run an independent campaign,
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refused to back the gop nominee even if it is not him, even if it would mean splitting the republican vote and helping to elect a democrat. >> he's already hedging his bets because he's used to buying politicians of >> reporter: the questions were often provocative. jeb bush was asked if he agrees with some who say the last thing the nation needs is another bush in the oval office. >> i'm going to have to earn -- >> reporter: trump was asked if he had evidence that the mexican government is sending criminals across the border. >> border patrol, they say this is what's happening. because our leaders are stupid. and the mexican government is much smarter and they send the bad ones over. >> here's the thing about donald trump. he's hitting a nerve in this country. and for people that want to just tune him out, they're making a mistake of >> reporter: chris christie fighting to pull himself up by the bootstraps in the crowded republican field, got into a heated and personal debate with
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rand paul about whether the nsa should be allowed to collect americans' phone records. >> i want to collect more less records from nntd americans. >> that's a completely ridiculous answer. >> i don't trust president obama with our records. i know you gave him a big hug, and you want to do that again gright ahead! >> the hugs they remember or the hugs they gave to the families who lost their people on september 11th? >> reporter: i watched the debate with iona professor jamie zaino. >> i don't see anyone breaking out or changing real minds in terms of people who are already supporting, say, donald trump. >> reporter: and while there were no apparent breakouts, trump led the path with memorable moments. he defended calling women names like fat pigs and claimed his company's bankruptcy filings were just taking advantage of the country's laws. the democrats will hold six debateds. the first october in nevada. the second hosted by cbs in iowa. there you have it. >> just getting started!
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>> we got a long, long, long time to go! [ laughter ] tonight's debate did draw as much interest as a major sports event of the poor house in the east village had all the tvs tuned in with the volume turned up. >> donald trump is bringing a whole new demographic to watch the debate. between independents and democrats. >> i might not have made a trip to a bar if he wasn't involved. >> so many candidates running on the republican side. it's interesting to see how they debate with each other. >> this viewing party was organized by the new york young republicans club. earlier tonight, there was a debate for seven candidates ranking lower in the polls. among them, former governor george sitaki who says he is against abortion but would not
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overturn roe v. wade. >> we can put a permanent ban on any taxpayer dollars ever being used to fund abortions. >> the battle included former texas governor rick perry and business executive carley fiorina. two powerful new york doublings just announced their opposition to the controversial nuclear deal with iran. >> a real blow to the obama administration. chuck shumer, one of the top democrats in the senate has come out against the president's plan. he is voting to oppose the deal because he believes that it has serious weaknesses. he says he believes iran will not change and under this agreement it will be able to achieve its dual goals of eliminating sanctions while ultimately retaining its nuclear and nonnuclear power. he says it's better to keep u.s. sanctions in place. and another powerful new york democrat is
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also voicing opposition to the deal. in the meantime senator said she will support the deal. searching for an attempted rapist in brooklyn. they say the man seen in this surveillance video approached a woman walking on leonard street in williamsberg west, saturday night. he grabbed her around her neck and began tow fondle her. she pleaded with the suspect and promised him money. she went to a nearby atm where she were you $20 and gave it to the suspect who then took off. a terrifying trip for a group of special needs students today. their bus was nearly
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swallowed by a sink hole. >> reporter: the dep has identified a water service line leak inside this privately owned building here. and that may have caused the huge sinkhole just behind me. it opened up earlier this afternoon as a school bus was driving over it. >> very, very scary. >> reporter: his special needs child was traveling home from a summer program along with ten others when their bus sank into the street. you can see the size of the sinkhole spanning nearly half the length of the school bus. >> i was waiting for him, and i'm guessing my child was in the next bus, and i get a phone call saying you have to come pick him up, you know. and my skrn for the children. >> reporter: the scene unfolded
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around 3:00 pm without warning. dep officials say there was nothing wrong with the stretch of creston avenue north of eastside burnside. now crews are tearing up the street and checking the water main directly below to see if any leak may have triggered this road collapse. >> there is a water main under there. and part of what we're doing right now is determining if that is part of what's going on down there. whether or not there's a leak. we don't know yet. >> he seems to be okay. >> reporter: and you can see the dep crews out here, working all night to backfill this hole and make the roadway safe and reopen creston avenue by the morning. causing a scare and leaving a rider hurt. a manhole cover
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tore through the floor of a city bus in the bronx leaving a rider hurt it. happened today on the corner of 170th and 11th avenue it. sounded like a bomb went off. no word on what caused the accident. an update on the crane accident causing water problems in three new jersey towns. a boil-water advisory has been lifted. a massive crane crushed and cracked a 24-inch water main yesterday triggering this advisory. water service in that area is now restored. but repairs do continue. good news for long islanders coping with power outages after tuesday's damaging storm. pse&g says all customers
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nearly have their service restored. just 15 without power out of 82,000 impacted by the storm. now to the outbreak of legionnaire's disease in the bronx. the death toll has climbed to 10. the governor is asking the cdc to get involved. the department will offer free testing. the mayor also announced all city buildings with cooling towers must get them tested within 14 days. a before and after transform ation a local father doesn't want to believe. >> from a suit to homeless on the street. >> and dealing with delays, it turns out some flights are more likely than others to leave you stranded.
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>> one child is going to get a better education, a better start to their education. >> a family frustrated. why their twins are being separated at school. >> and caught on camera, spiderman struggling in times
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a fight caught on camera involving a spiderman in times square, the costumed character seen kicking and punching another man. characters have been under the microscope after complaints and arrests. a new plan to combat homelessness in the city unveiled by the mayor today. the funding will cover additional treatment units and the stepped up police presence. >> this is a plan that will have a big impact over time. >> for some, the effort cannot 33% of new yorkers say their quality of life is good. and we've shown you how destroying neighborhoods.
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tonight a look at the toll this drug is taking on a family. >> they were shocked to recognize one of the drug users we found on the street. >> reporter: harlem hit by hardcore users of k2 synthetic marijuana. >> this neighborhood is riddled, it's infected. >> reporter: wednesday a seebz 2 camera captured these men smoking k2. and a viewer recognized this homeless man in the black t-shirt. hard to believe he's the same person in this photo, celebrating his sister's wedding two summers ago. >> when you look at this picture of him happy and smiling, what goes through your mind? >> it breaks my heart. to see a beautiful boy like that that could have been something in life and living on the streets. i'm a father. and like any other father out there, they don't want to see their kids on the street.
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>> reporter: peter says his son junior attended high school in albany. every advantage a loving family could offer. >> he is what he is now because of his addictions. >> reporter: he's particularly worried about his son using synthetic marijuana which can permanently damage body and brain. >> these drugs can make these people very unpredictable. >> reporter: he says he's tried many times to get his son help. and even tried to get tough. >> i went to the police station, he is 34 years old, there's nothing we can do. we cannot hold him more than 72 hours. >> reporter: he says he feels for all the families of these troubled souls in the grips of a dangerous drug. twins on long island have been together since birth. and now they are being separated by their school district.
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lucas and lodivan began seem like they're joined at the hip. but the identical twins will head to different schools next month when they begin pre-k. logan will be in the morning program, lucas was picked in a lottery for the coveted all-day pre-k spot at sheppard's gate in brentwood. >> very frustrating. and sometimes angry with the school district. that one child is going to get a better education. a better start to their education. i don't feel that it's right that they separate my twins. >> reporter: the family is asking the district to reconsider. brentwood schools say there are multiple sets of twins and triplets in the district and the lottery system is fair. a $5 million mystery has been involved tonight. a rare violin stolen 35 years ago has been recovered. an appraiser recognized it as the violin
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that belonged to roman to then-- tottenberg. today the violin was rirned to his three daughters. authorities say there is no open criminal case. airlines say when they have to delay flights, they pick the smaller planes first so fewer travellers will feel the effects. there's an effort to keep international flights on time. the airport in this country with the most delays is chicago's o'hare. and your sleep position could help protect your brain. a new study published in the journal of neuroscience says it is best to sleep on your side. that makes it easier for the brain to get rid of waste products from the fluid surrounding the brain and spinal cord. cbs 2's lawn weather
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center. >> it's been a really nice streak. i think the glitch is a little one, and i think the streak that christine is talking about, it could very well continue. staten island, haven't been there in a while. we pull up the picture of john. 73 degrees, manhattan has the same sort of picture right now. temperature coming in at 76. light rain currently south of the city. clouds in new york city, the rain around ocean county. the high temp in new york city, 83 degrees. newark had 85 for their wave. and at nine days straight, that's some big-time heat right there. decent weekend ahead for everybody in the area. there's a change.
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the glitch i'm talking about, now i think the beaches look better! 80-83 on saturday. sunday, partly to mostly sunny, 80-equal 83 as well -- 80-83 as well. a little popup shower or storm out there not out of the realm of possibility. sunday, partly sunny skies in the mountainous areas around there. i just think the beaches may be a little bit better. skies right now, some cloud cover out there, a trace of moisture starting to trickle further to the north. you've got to go down to ocean county to find some light showers falling out there. bigger picture, we'll show you all associated with that storm off to our west. see those travel to the northeast, watch the green around washington, that's dropping down to the south. if the low is stronger, it's going to push everything into our area. i'm going with the high. a pretty
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decent looking forecast out there. tomorrow 82, sat 84, looking better all around. sunday 83, monday 84, tuesday 83. cooler temperatures across the board. the most likely day to see measurable rain would be tuesday. this has to strike fear into the nfc east. eli manning back and may be better than ever. and sabathia took up the
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>> the yankees finishing up with the red soshgs. >> trying to recover -- red sox. >> trying to recover from last night. the yankees offense shut down last night. just 1 run. series finale tonight. yankees trying to take two of three. rbi double brings in gardner for new york's first run of the game. sabathia coming off one of his
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worst starts in texas. ended up being a little grind, exchanged words with the home plate umpire, rob drake. a bases load situation in the 5th. strike 3 to end the inning. jacoby ellsbury off eduardo perez, ends up being the game-winner for the yankees who haven't lost a series since july 1st. coming off their sweep of the marlins, david wright had a 2-hour full baseball workout in port st. lucie. expected to play a game down there on monday. the national picked up a half-game on the mets. they took the rubber game in their series with the d-backs. nationals win it 8-3. a game and a half back of the mets. hope continues to be high
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upcoming season. just a thought of a healthy victor cruz paired with odell beckham jr. has giants fans ecstatic. the super bowl champ may be back and better than ever. coming off one seasons, down. his coach says he doesn't think his arm has ever been stronger. at age 34 and entering his twelfth year in the league, eli aggress. >> it feels good. it feels live right sdmouchlt that's the goal is to keep it strong, keep it healthy. especially as you get older, you start listening to your body a little bit more. when we come back, camping at florham park. the last place you'd expect someone to have tom
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jets camp is the last place you think you'd find someone supporting tom brady! cromartie backed brady in the deflategate case. telling espn, he thinks
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tonight after 16 years, jon stewart said goodbye to the daily show. taking digs at tonight's debate, and paying tribute to their boss. he closed with a sense of pride in all he's accomplished. he said "we worked awfully hard. we've given it our all." >> going to miss him. >> so many notable people coming from that show. >> that's it for us. thanks for watching. >> coming up in one hour, the


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